Friday, February 23, 2007

Brett Lee: Can You Tell A Girl? Can You?

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people who do bad things. Brett Lee ruled himself out for the World Cup. His replacement will be Stuart Clark.

Lee's loss is a huge blow for Australia, which has been unable to defend humungous totals without Lee. The silver lining is that Stuart Clark, Lee's replacement, is an awesome bowler. He should have been selected in the 15 man squad but lost his place to Shaun Tait. Australia will miss Lee, their best ODI bowler, but Clark should be an adequate replacement.

In case you are wondering what Brett Lee's crime was, we have proof. Watch the video or better still don't watch it. It is an excruciatingly bad song.


Trapper John said...

Crap. Not only does Australia lose our best bowler, but you reinflict that piece of shit video on us. I thought I'd put that behind me.

Mephistopheles said...

Haha...just couldn't resist it.